Ulrich Alber GmbH

scalacombi S36

scalacombi stair climber with built-in seat

The scalacombi is a portable stair climber with built-in seat. It is especially suitable for people who need assistance when climbing stairs but do not depend on a wheelchair. 

The scalacombi is based on the patented climbing principle of the scalamobil, which has proven itself many times over in practical use. It comfortably handles stairs of all kinds including spiral staircases. The scalacombi causes no damage to the covering of the staircase, no matter whether wood, stone, carpet or marble. Additional safety is provided by four integrated safety brakes that automatically stop the scalacombi at the edge of every step. 

The short spacing of the wheels and steerable front wheels make the scalacombi extremely mobile; it is therefore very easy to manoeuvre even in small spaces and on narrow stairways. It folds together and stows away to save space and has a removable battery pack that manages up to 300 steps with a single charge. Even transporting the scalacombi away from home is child’s play since it is designed to be dismantled into individual components.