Ulrich Alber GmbH

History of Alber

Alber History


Foundation of the company by Ulrich Alber. Initially the company employed five people. The aim of the company was the design of a mobile stair climber for transporting people in their wheelchairs without having to transfer the wheelchair occupant onto another piece of equipment. Registration of the patent for the scalamobil. A revolutionary battery powered climbing system for transporting people in their wheelchair up and down staircases was presented to the public for the first time. The climbing principle is unchanged to this day.


Initial Introduction to the market of the scalamobil S10. The initial marketable design was very successful and set the standard for mobile stair climbing aids. The ability to interface with almost any manual wheelchair becomes a core competence of Alber.


Registration of the patent for the add-on power drive e·fix. The wheel hub drive e·fix combines the advantages of a power wheelchair with those of a manual wheelchair. e-fix revolutionizes wheelchair mobility by offering unique lightweight and portable mobility.


Market launch of the e·fix E12. In the meantime the number of employees has increased to 40. Foundation of the subsidiary company Alber AG in Switzerland.


Move to a new building with an area of 4,500 sq. m. Replacement of the scalamobil S10 by the scalamobil S20 with an improved set of features.


Foundation of the subsidiary company Mobitec in France.


Introduction of the viamobil V10. The push- and brake aid viamobil supports the caregiver by providing utmost user friendliness prevíously unknown to this product segment.


Domus Homecare as the new parent company. Product replacement of the scalamobil S20 by the S25. Re-launch of the e·fix model E15. Meanwhile the number of employees is 120.


Presentation of the power assist drive e·motion. This novel kind of drive control system closes the gap between a power wheelchair and a manual wheelchair. The e-fix E15 successor, the E20 is being introduced.

e-motion wins several national and international design awards.


Introduction of the scalamobil S27. The reworked e·motion M12 is also presented to the public. 150 employees and 20 foreign agents worldwide represent Alber.


A revised version of the viamobil V 15 with many new functions is introduced to the market, supporting the escorting person even more effective while pushing the wheelchair.


1st March 2003Move within Albstadt to a new building with 8,000 sq.m of administrative and production area.The new scalamobil S30 with integrated IQ feature is established. With individual programming to suit staircase geometry and centre of mass of any wheelchair, thus giving pro-active support to the escorting person.Alber presents the new power wheelchair ADVENTURE A10. It provides levels of driving comfort and modularity that were previously unheard of. All main components can be removed from the chassis quickly and without the use of tools so that the ADVENTURE can be transported even in a medium-sized car.


Invacare Corp., the worldwide market leader in the field of none acute health care equipment is acquiring Alber.


20 years Ulrich Alber GmbH!Alber started the series production of the new generation of the e-fix add-on drive. The name e-fix stands for small, light and handy. Presentation of the new viamobil eco push aid with the patented ErgoDirve at Rehacare in Düsseldorf.


Alber presents the new Quix power add-on drive at Rehab in Karlsruhe. Quix is the first auxiliary drive for manual wheelchairs that can be steered with a handlebar, rather like a bike. This makes it extremely simple to operate and highly manoeuvrable.


Launch of the new e-motion M15 with lithium-ion battery technology.


Launch of the new stair climber generation scalamobil S35 and scalacombi eco S34.


Launch of the new viamobil V25 with the lithium-ion-technology and the easy connex system.


Successful start of the new business unit Neodrives and market launch of the first pedelec.


Presentation of the new active drive for wheelchair twion at the Rehacare.